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Connemara Sea Week 2023

The History of Skin Boats in Europe by Claidhbh Ó Gibne, Boyne Currach Centre

Tue Oct 24, 13:00
Location: The Library, ATU Connemara, Connemara West Centre

The traditional Boyne Currach is the last of an ancient tradition of skin covered river and sea currachs. Their history stretches over many countries and eras, from as far back as Herodites, the ancient Greek philosopher. Claidhbh Ó Gibne presents the first in a series of talks on this rich and innovative part of Irish culture and heritage.

Sponsored by Atlantic Technological University

Cruinniú i gCill Chaoi coming up!!

Dia dhuit muintir na gcurach.

Tis but a mere three years since we didn’t meet in Kilkee – so the current has finally gotten round behind that idea of gathering again.

Our hosts in Kilkee will be dusting off the chairs and welcoming us back.

Sure there will be lots to talk about, so the schedule will be loose enough to accommodate plenty of that.

Plan on an over night, some craic, perhaps a tune or two.

And Sunday will be dictated by the weather gods, beidir ag dul snámh, nó rámhaíocht, nó ag siúl.

In any case – block off the weekend – root through the last few years for a few salty or fresh water currach tales and pack them well.

Letterfrack students working on Currachs

Yesterday saw a young group of students work on our currachs to get them ready for the water – in the pouring rain. Hopefully weather will be better toady so that they can get out on the water…..

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